Think of it as a first step towards brand consultancy.
We at Rediffusion already had some fantastic brand workshopping and creative ideation tools and techniques.
Coupled with that, this consumer intelligence gathering wing will help us further in spotting trends and insight mining,
and we sincerely hope that we end up mining gold here!


The pandemic and its recurring waves have triggered in consumers a very different type of nostalgia. It is called ‘POSTALGIA’. Postalgia is consumers saying that when tomorrow comes, it should be like yesterday. It is a very simple insight, yet a very profound one.

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Red lab

As an accompanying corollary to the pandemic, interesting words and concepts have come into vogue and crept their way both into the English dictionary as well as our vocabulary. Words like Locktalgia, Doomscrolling, Coronial, Zoombombing, Maskne.

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The IPL has been suspended; the bio-bubble has burst. But were the signals – the negativity already visible? The Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB) and the Rediffusion Consumer Lab (Red Lab) had been tracking consumer sentiment for the past three weeks.

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