Senco Gold & Diamonds | Haan Hum Churiyan Pahente Hain

For Women’s Day, we created a campaign for the brand Senco Gold & Diamonds, which is known for crafting jewellery for women. The campaign took a stand against an age-old remark “Churiya Pehen Lo” (“Wear your bangles”), often hurled by men at women to demean them as the weaker gender. The central theme of the campaign was based on the hashtag and thought: #HaanHumChuriyanPehenteHain

We turned this remark into a statement of pride in order to imbue the wearing of bangles with power and dignity. The campaign, in this way, attempts to boost confidence in women and help bring out their inner strength. The idea and hashtag soon started trending and netizens began to share and discuss Senco’s posts on social media.