We use data to power personalized conversations and drive targeted marketing campaigns that are both relevant and effective. And with customer-centricity being at our core, we are good at provoking response!


We leverage data to create profitable relationships. By collecting and analysing relevant data, we provide effective behavioural targeting and data driven solutions.

  • RFM Scoring
  • Customer Life Cycle Analysis
  • Campaign Landing Pages
  • Correlation between media spends & actual sales
  • Customer profiling based on transactional behaviour

We help brands understand their customers by mapping their journeys and points of intersection with the brand. Some services offered are:

  • UI UX
  • Website, Microsite designs
  • Campaign Landing Pages
  • User Journeys
  • Social Media
  • Web , Mobile based applications
  • SEO

We create a strategic roadmap that outlines specific recommendations to achieve desired results in conjunction with the client’s marketing objectives.

  • Strategic Planning of CRM programs (design & management)
  • Acquisition / lead generation programs
  • Retention initiatives and programs
  • Referral programs
  • Channel Management programs
  • Customer research and profiling analysis

Our goal is to create campaigns that are effective and consistent across media platforms. To that effect we specialise in driving message consistency and ensuring complementary use of media.

  • Online & offline advertising, Events, B2C & B2B product marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing & Promotions, Experience Design, Social Media Campaigns

Our backend integration of systems ensures smooth functioning of tools across platforms. Further, all protocols are maintained and supervised at the highest levels to ensure security and confidentiality.

  • Database design and ware housing
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Campaign and Site Maintenance
  • Hosting Optimization, Lead Management Information Architecture

Designing effective communication which prospects open and read is at our core. To pull this off, the design team works closely with the tech team to create communication that is unputdownable.

  • Creative ideation and conceptualization across media
  • Web and Mobile Site design
  • Online / Offline Campaigns
  • Content design and management
  • Video production and Animation

The right incentive goes a long way in generating positive vibes for the brand and we have a full service team who keeps up to date with innovative items – be it any category – to ensure that the brand never misses an opportunity to keep its stakeholders happy and satisfied.

  • Vendor identification, Negotiation, Logistics
  • Alliances and Partnerships
  • Merchandising, E-Commerce

“Rediffusion brings the right balance of professionalism, creativity and customer service. The team is responsive, adaptable and reliable.”
Chirag Shah, VP Marketing, Nuvoco